April 22, 2015

WANTED: Westchester Homeowners with Homes to Sell!


Have you been thinking about selling your home?  

Did you know that inventory levels are very low, making today an opportune time to get your home on the market and sold!

According to NAR, Inventory declined from September - November 2014. December 2014  through February of 2015 is where it gets scary considering the Spring market is here.

The end of a brutally long winter, combined with low interest rates have buyers out in force.
Spring has sprung with Buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy!

The severe shortage of available homes is what's stopping the pent up demand of these buyers from being met.

When comparing available homes in Westchester County, NY from November 2014 thru January 2015, we see a steady decrease in inventory which is not unusual.

March and April 2015 show small increases, but not enough to match the Buyers demand.

It is the direct comparison of: 

March 2014 = 3116 active properties
March 2015 = 2818 active properties

where the #True Story unfolds showing

A Whopping -9.6% decrease in available homes!

 The constant ring of my telephone with buyers desperately wanting to move is another indicator that there is a shortage of available homes.
I'm in need of more homes to sell and I am asking for your help.  I need sellers who are ready, willing and able.

Call me today at (914) 374-8354

and let's get you matched with a qualified Buyer!

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For more information visit: www.AkimSellsHomes.com

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