May 05, 2015

How can the City of Yonkers do this?

Did you know that Mayor Mike Spano and the City of  Yonkers have launched a new Mass Notification service that allows the City of Yonkers to dispatch mass alerts to its residents?

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To opt-in, simply enter your contact information and subscribe to receive notifications of interest based on your location.

Opt-out at any time by removing your contact information from your profile.

This system allows the City to share critical information quickly and efficiently in situations such as missing person alerts, severe weather, unexpected road closures, building and neighborhood evacuations.

Speaking of severe weather conditions, this system can also be used by DPW to coordinate snow plowing and removal during the winter months.  The City now has the ability to alert residents as DPW crews arrive in their neighborhood to move their vehicles as needed to allow for curb to curb snow removal.

Thank you Mayor Mike Spano.

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