January 05, 2014

Do You Know Where Buyers Generally Find the Home They Purchase?

Why is this NAR Infographic so important for Seller's to understand?


  • The internet is where your "First Showing" occurs and it's your first & possibly only chance to "Wow" potential buyers.
  • First Impressions Matter - It has to be "Great" as there may not be a "Second Chance" (the Appointment)!
  • In addition to being "Competitively Priced", your home must also be "Camera Ready"!
  • Your marketing materials must also contain "Compelling Ad Copy", proper "Room Descriptions".
  • Visibility is key, and your home must be "Visible" to Buyers who are searching the major Real Estate sites such as "Zillow", "Trulia", "Realtor.com", "Google", "Yahoo", etc...)
  • "Google" your address and see what potential Buyers see when they are searching for potential homes.
  • If you can't find it - "Potential Buyers" can't find it either resulting in lost buyers/money and more days on market.
  • Is your home being marketed in a manner that would entice a Buyer to make an Appointment?  Do the photos show your home in it's best light?
  • Is your home described in a manner that would speak to you as a potential buyer?
I ask these questions, because if you are thinking of selling your home - the internet is a key marketing component that must be considered when selecting a Realtor who understands this concept.

Too often I come across homes that are photographed in a less than flattering light (one grainy photo, upside down photos, photos of floors, photos of rooms that have not been properly prepared or even properly lit for that matter.

Contact me today if you would like me to show you the value of having  a professionally prepared, personal marketing plan that will get home buyers excited about your home and get it sold.

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