November 05, 2013

"It seems like American's love affair with real estate has returned"

So says,  Greg McBride,'s Sr. Financial Analyst and while most would agree with him - the existing homes sales that we just saw prove it.  Keep in mind that the most studys will show that the "Top 5" reasons that people buy houses really fall into the following categories:

The first four are non-financial, based purely on emotion and personal preferences.  The only financial reason is number 5... the most important reason is that most people understand that owning is simply a better bet or investment than renting.  A recent study just came out a few weeks ago that showed in all of the country's largest 100 largest metropolitan areas...

That's right 35% cheaper on average... and how many were in the "even cheaper end" of the range.  Not to mention the tax benefits homeowners gain.

Stay tuned for more...

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