March 08, 2013

3 Questions You Must Ask Before Renovating Your Home

1.    Unsure about which home upgrades make sense?
2.    Interested in renovations for value, but unsure about what to tackle?

I have a few simple guidelines that I use to help clients narrow it down and focus on the right choices.

Question #1: How long will you live in your house?
 If you’re in it for the next decade or two, don’t hesitate to do what works best for you in your home. This is especially true of cosmetic changes, when appealing to potential buyers is a non-issue.  After a decade or two, your upgrades will probably need some tweaking anyway, so go with whatever makes the most sense for your taste and the way you want to live in your home.

Question #2: What have the neighbors done?

There’s something said for getting an idea of what the surrounding homes look like. On one hand, you may be inspired by what your neighbors have done to beautify the homes which may be similar to yours. On the other, you’ll also get an idea on how much renovation you can get away with in your market. Over improving, or over the top upgrades may cost you.  You may not be able to get any of that money out when you’re ready to sell, since your home will need to be listed far above area market comparables.

Question #3: What’s the "harvest gold or avocado" elephant in your house?

If something in your home really irritates or annoys you, it’ll probably irritate or annoy prospective buyers as well.  Are you short on storage space? Nowhere for guests to stay?  An old-fashioned bathroom with a funky layout?  70’s wood paneling in your basement? There’s good reason to handle these headaches now.  Besides being able to enjoy the upgrades while you live in the home, you’ll also improve it for buyers when the time comes to sell.

So when the time comes for actual projects, there will be details to consider, such as budget, timing, and design choices, but these three questions will go a long way to getting your upgrade ideas organized and on track.

I’m also available to offer my professional thoughts on possible upgrades. Get in touch if you’d like me to stop by for a walk-through of your home.

I’ve seen hundreds of homes and would love to provide a helpful perspective for you:

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