November 08, 2012

Going Green - The Benefits of Green Home Staging

“Green” home staging can mean a variety of things, but one emphasis is on creating a “green story” for prospective buyers.

With green home staging, companies usually try to reuse or integrate as much of the seller's original furniture and accessories as possible.  In instances where new pieces are needed, green stagers will often reuse furniture from their own collection, or select pieces that are on consignment from local shops.

This can actually save a seller a fair amount of money in the staging process. A green staging company will also be sure to recycle all packaging associated with new furnishings used to stage the home.

In terms of paint and carpeting, green stagers will generally recommend eco-friendly replacements. One of the advantages of making green replacements to a home is the added selling point an agent can use with prospective buyers. Consider, for example, a couple looking to raise their first child in a new home. It's not hard to imagine how fresh, non-toxic, environmentally friendly paints and flooring might favorably improve their view of the listing.

In addition to cosmetic recommendations, green stagers are specialists in pointing out improvements a seller might consider to both improve the energy efficiency of the home as well as further the green story for potential buyers. Air filters, weather stripping, and programmable thermostats are just a few details that green home stagers often recommend.

What do you think? Can green staging matter? Do you think green staging ever presents an edge over traditional staging approaches?

(By the way... If you’re interested in green staging, I’d be happy to help you research the option for selling your home.)

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